Exit Stage Left

About us

Exit Stage Left is a production company founded in 2015.

Driven by a huge passion for visual communication, we always strive to deliver innovative, visually attractive and unique films to our customers. We have a passion to entertain and affect the audience.


What we do

We produce documentary films, music videos and aerial photography. In addition to our own productions, we work with clients from the advertising, TV and film industry.

Aerial filming

We work with clients from the advertising, TV and film industry. We have the permission from the Swedish Transport Agency as required. And in addition – our business is well insured.


Frame.io is a web interface for uploading videos, pictures, share the work, comment, share and play.

With Frame.io we can communicate freely and easily, no endless e-mails, screenshots or misunderstandings. Leave a comment immediately and get feedback right away. We offer this service for free, during the project. You can play different versions of edits side by side. We think Frame.io is the best of Dropbox, Google, YouTube and Vimeo. Frame.io is an all-in-one tool.

You can log in via frame.io or download the app from App Store to your smartphone or tablet.



Exit Stage Left | S:ta Helenagatan 5B | 541 30 Skövde | info@exitstageleft.se